Automatic Conversation WordPress Plugin

We have developed Autochat Plugin to get you more leads through your website.

Autochat Automatic Conversation – Is a WordPress Plugin to encourage your customers to write you through your Website.


  • Works 24×7
  • Mobile adaptative
  • Friendly installation
  • Customizable for any language
  • Increases Leads!


We offer you the following options to start receiving more leads:

  • Free

  • $0/mo
    • Increase leads
    • Works 24×7
    • Up to 50 leads/month
    • Only Developers!
    • FREE!

  • Standard

  • $0/mo
    • Increase leads
    • Works 24×7
    • Up to 200 leads/month
    • Assistance and Technical Support
    • No Autochat logo
    • USD 25 month or USD 250 year

  • Pro

  • $0/mo
    • Increase leads
    • Works 24×7
    • Up to 1000 leads/month
    • Assistance and Technical Support
    • No Autochat logo
    • USD 45 month or USD 450 year

What do our customers say


Is my site compatible with Autochat?

If you have your site in WordPress is a good start, you have to check if the version you have installed is not very old.

How will I receive the leads?

Leads interested in your products or services will arrive through the Whatsapp number you provide or the email you indicate in the plugin. 

Can I customize the questions?

The questions in the Automatic Conversation Plugin are asked in a fixed way, to obtain as many contacts as possible automatically. We are working so that each client to each website can customize their own questions.

In the Whatsapp Button Plugin you can modify the profile picture, the status, the initial question and the button to send the message among other possibilities.

If you use Whatsapp Business you can customize your messages in the App. 

More information:

Do I have to sign a contract to start?

No. Just accept to do a correct use of the plugin. We are sure that the solution works by increasing leads by various means, including Email and WhatsApp. If you want to stop using the service you simply eliminate the plugin.

Otherwise, if you are happy with the results you can use our Paypal “Donate” button to help us to continue developing plugins that help people =)

I am a webmaster, can I sell the product?

Yes, we make our services available for you to sell to your customers, being able to achieve up to 40% of the value of the product for life while the customer is active 😉

More information:


Soon we will have options to offer Autochat to your customers. Earn 15% to 40% monthly on the value of the package contracted for each site.


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